How it works: Infographic

VizionAir provides drone solutions by combining powerful and non-invasive tools to tell the stories that matter most for your business or your life.

High Def 4K VIDEO & 16MP Photo

  • Lossless cinema 4K RAW video
  • Record at 4096x2160 (24fps) or  1920x1080 (60fps)
  • Average 1.7 Gbps bitrate (2.4Gbps maximum)
  • 16MP photographs
  • 12.8 stops of dynamic range


VizionAir is providing UAV thermal imaging services including real-time high-resolution images and videos. It is a powerful and non-invasive tool that identifies and locates the problems, measures temperatures, detects what needs to be fixed and ultimately it saves you valuable time and money through the detection of faults before real problems occur.


VizionAir safely provides inspections of structural facade delivering HD digital photograph and high-quality video of the entire surface area. Utilizing drone technology for inspection reduces time and costs of traditional methods, but also mitigates the risk of human involvement. Carrying out routine aerial camera inspections and assessments prevents major damage before it happens by detecting problems in advance. Regular inspections help to generate savings and the repairs’ execution in advance.

3D Modeling

With the advent of rapid data acquisition via photogrammetry and cloud point technologies, it is now possible to quickly use the data as a guide to build true interactive 3D environments. This is particularly helpful where old structures need remedial work or are being upgraded and there is no design drawings available.

High-Res Orthomosaics

VizionAir delivers aerial mapping and land surveys providing topographic data as well as high-resolution aerial photography. We provide complete visual information and topographic data required to improve decision-making while reducing costs, saving time and improving safety. Large areas can be surveyed up to 50 times faster than traditional methods.

NDVI + InDex Maps

Images are converted into accurate index maps, like NDVI, and orthomosaics of your fields: giving you vital information for quick response, better yields and operational efficiency.

Collect radiometrically accurate imagery using the drone platform, in combination with a true multispectral camera. VizionAir will seamlessly integrate multispectral information in a unique dataset for further processing.

Index maps are the building blocks of crop scouting’s future: time efficiency and enhanced perspective of your field play a major role in more comprehensive scouting.

Support, Maintenance, and Repair

We bring customers the best in drone technology & support at competitively low prices. Our team has partnered with world class industry leaders to help provide unparalleled customer support, maintenance, and repair.  Not only do we provide commercial drone services, but we offer turn key solutions for yourself or your business. Whether you are in the market to buy a drone, or need technical support, VizionAir is your trusted resource! 

Cloud-Based Management

Solving Big Data For Ease Of Use and Scalability


All data is transmitted over a secure connection (SSL) and is encrypted on disk for additional security.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is processed through Amazon S3, which is designed for 99.999999999% durability and 99.99% availability; also designed to withstand concurrent data loss in two facilities.